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My Pet Immune is an all-natural alternative health and wellness product to tackle common conditions that Pet Parents deal with while caring for their dog and cat companions. The patent pending formula encapsulates a range of ingredients from Boswellia oil to Turmeric extract to Origanum Vulgare oil. Our patented delivery system, Lyphazome Technology, improves permeation and absorption of natural actives for optimal results.

My Pet Immune Features:
  • Anchored in science, designed for results
  • Result of multiple years of research and development
  • All natural ingredients: safe for your pets safe for you
  • Manufactured at pharmaceutical standards in a cGMP permitted facility
  • Quality of a drug wrapped in a natural solution

Currently, we have four formulations of My Pet Immune completed and designed to help with all aspects of your companion’s life.
  • Skin spray for relief from common conditions of itching, redness, hot-spots and dermatitis. Helps restore the skin to a healthy trouble-free state.
  • Aid gel for the troublesome ears. Daily prevention to ward off the floppy ear woes. Relief for odor, itch, bites and irritation with anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial protection.
  • Wash and wipe helps clean and soothe the skin with the gentlest of bubbles while delivering the lasting effects of our proprietary anti-inflammatory blend of plant actives.
  • Liquid food supplement provides daily protection for those animals suffering from loss of mobility and discomfort associated with aging and dysplasia. Powerful and proven natural actives target areas of discomfort with our all-natural Lyphaszomes providing for optimal absorption.

Dedicated website coming soon to MyPetImmune.com!

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