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Life. Enhanced.

Enhancing health, wellness, and lifestyle by developing groundbreaking products using patented nano-encapsulation technologies.

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NuVessl's technology makes existing products better, and enables the creation of new products that would otherwise be impossible without our nano-encapsulation platform.

NuVessl's unique Nano-Lipidic Particle (NLP) nanotechnology encapsulation platform has facilitated revolutionary innovation across a wide range of fields, including pharmaceutical, consumer, and animal & agriculture applications.
NuVessl’s business strategy is to cultivate a portfolio of companies each harnessing our technology in unique ways specific to different industries.

NLP improves products by delivering ingredients more effectively, faster, and through new modes of delivery.

NuVessl utilizes its uniquely formulated, patent-protected and proven nano-lipidic particle liposome delivery technology to develop innovative new products that:
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Deliver ingredients faster
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Increase bioavailability
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Enable new delivery modes
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Use fewer ingredients to achieve the same results
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Create new products not otherwise possible

NuVessl is Enhancing Your Health, Wellness, and Lifestyle...

  • Sunscreen

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    Reengineering sunscreen at the molecular level means that NuVessl-enhanced sunscreen is fundamentally more comfortable to wear, significantly longer-lasting, and considerably more effective at blocking out harmful UV radiation than any other sunscreen ever created.
  • Athletics

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    NuVessl can take athlete fuel to the next level with drink formulas designed to deliver maximum regenerative impact to a body in motion, down to the molecular level, at the optimum time.
  • Alcohol-Infused Frozen Desserts

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    The holy grail of frozen desserts has been a way to infuse alcohol into ice cream and other frozen delicacies when alcohol has such a low freezing point. The answer is nano-encapsulation, and only NuVessl has the patented technology to make it possible.
  • Caffeine Spray

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    Taking caffeine into your body through your stomach in a drink or pill is a slow and haphazard way to get the stimulant into your bloodstream. Using NuVessl's caffeine precision-dose nano-spray gives you an instant pick-me-up when you need it most.
  • Drug Delivery

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    Of course, one of nano-encapsulation's biggest advantages is in the delivery of medication. The ability to target drug delivery at a molecular level will revolutionize the way pharmaceuticals are absorbed. Faster and more effective medication delivery is good news for anyone with a prescription, and numerous delivery methods using nano-encapsulation offers plenty of options, including liquids, gels, sprays, pills, lotions, and more.
  • Skincare

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    The ability to manufacture skincare products with nano-encapsulation technology opens up an entirely new and more effective way to treat skin at the molecular level. Whether the treatment is for acne, dry skin, or pure aesthetics, cosmetics will never be the same again after NuVessl.
  • Pets

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    Your pet is part of your family, and NuVessl technology can make caring for your pet easy and painless on both of you. Getting pets to take medication can be difficult, but precise dosages delivered by nano-encapsulation can be faster and more effective than traditional methods.
  • Agriculture

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    Agriculture is ripe for a new way to ensure crops are healthy, pest-resistant, and nutritionally rich. NuVessl's technology can meet that need.
  • Hair Restoration

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    Something interesting happens when you are able to target treatment at a molecular level. Revolutionary advances become possible, and treatment for balding is just one of the exciting new frontiers that opens up with NuVessl and NLP.

NuVessl's Nano-Encapsulation Everywhere...

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