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What we do…

NuVessl develops products to deliver active ingredients (AI) in innovative ways and in difficult conditions using our patented NLP nanotechnology encapsulation platform: pharmaceutical, consumer, and animal & agriculture applications.

Nano-Lipidic Particle (NLP) Technology

Our patented NLP technology platform easily, cost-effectively and consistently manufactures 40 – 200nm all-natural nano-liposomes containing single or multiple water-, fat- or bi-soluble AI.

Competitive Advantages

  • Custom AI release: rapid, delayed, timed and/or sustained
  • Higher AI Bioavailability: higher intensity of AI delivery (less AI, same results)
  • Flavour masking or enhancing
  • Deliver individual, different and/or incompatible concurrent AI
  • Increased AI lifespan
  • Optically clear when AI-loaded
  • Entirely natural, GRAS liposome components (Non-GMO and organic possible)
  • Class-leading consistent 85%+ AI loading into the nano-liposomes
  • Improved bioavailability of AI
  • Dial-a-size custom NLP and assemblies of 40 nm+
  • Easy manufacturing & loading
  • Products with strong bioavailability, precise dosage, variety of time release options



Plant Surfaces



Active Ingredients Already Encapsulated

  • caffeine
  • alcohol
  • stem cells
  • vitamins
  • sunscreen
  • marine extracts
  • water
  • oil of oregano
  • botanical extracts
  • amino acids
  • food preservatives

Intellectual Property Status

Nine patents (plus four in progress) protect the know-how related to the manufacture of NLP, encapsulation of AI & derivative products.

Stage of Development

  • Proven and commercialized use in skin care
  • Bench testing completed on wide variety of active ingredients; continued focus on this R&D
  • Human, animal and plant applications
  • Initial commercial products in progress

Monetization Options



Proprietary Brands

R&D Lab and FDA approved Manufacturing Facility

Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Dermazone Solutions, Inc., NuVessl owns and operates a research and development lab staffed with world-class scientists who continue to incorporate our NLP technology to develop new and exciting products.

As well, NuVessl owns a FDA approved manufacturing facility where its current line of branded skincare products are manufactured. The research lab and manufacturing facility provide NuVessl with an end-to-end solution from product development to manufacturing and packaging of final, market ready products.

Our Team

Brent Bieber
Brent Bieber, MBA
Chief Financial Officer
Finance professional. 10+ years in investment banking, private equity. Raising capital for companies. Buying and managing businesses.
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Deborah Duffey
Chief Operating Officer
President, Dermazone Solutions, Inc. Proven product developer and marketer. Leader in encapsulation technology. Directs Florida FDA-approved R&D and manufacturing facility.
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Dr. Tanya Rhodes, MBA, PhD
Chief Research Officer
Product R&D leader. Medical, consumer expertise. Medical trials professional. Start-up leadership, due diligence and growth. International markets.
Eric Hobson
Eric Hobson, P. Eng
Entrepreneur and business builder. Aquaculture, technology, and energy industries. Shareholder value creator. Substantial Board experience.
Bob McKenzie
Bob McKenzie, CPA
Serial entrepreneur. Multi-billion dollar shareholder value creation. Consumer goods, technology, energy businesses. Extensive Board experience.
Bryce Tingle
Bryce Tingle, LLM
Corporate Secretary
Lawyer. Founder, builder and grower of private & public companies. Technology, energy & financial services. Multiple Boards member.
Filippo Angelini
Filippo Angelini, CPA
Seasoned business executive. Starting, building and selling companies. Private & public equity markets. Growing shareholder value. International experience.
Jason Zabinsky
Jason Zabinsky, CFA
Business executive. Former investment banker. Financing expert. Company creator & builder. Focused on shareholder value. Consumer & energy industries.